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 Stuff I would like in a final.

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Zombie Toad Master

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Stuff I would like in a final. Empty
PostSubject: Stuff I would like in a final.   Stuff I would like in a final. EmptyMon Feb 13, 2012 11:32 am

Alright Here's some stuff i'd like to see in the final, comments anything to add, bugs, list em'

change the music when you get the flag to the original.

Princess Sprites for the last level.

Credits Level
I would put it in 01-41 witch is Peaches Castle. perhaps a level on a bridge that drops with the credits in the background.

A map?
So what happened to "Newer" did that ever come out? I remember reading on there somewhere that they would release their mapmaker when they were done. I would settle for a black map white lines and red dot's, But I think it would be awsome if i could change the Mushroom houses to regular levels.

Find a way to make bowser appear at the end of the castle.
I think it would be possible to put Bowser at the end of a stage if you knew the correct settings, then put an auto exit switch or something before giant bowser comes out. Has anyone ever played an edited level where they have bowser working. I have tried several times with no luck.
Perhaps a large damage tile that jumps and can be destroyed with fireballs and spawn fireballs behind it.
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Stuff I would like in a final. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stuff I would like in a final.   Stuff I would like in a final. EmptyMon Feb 13, 2012 9:40 pm

I definitely like the idea of having bowser at the end, and the easiest way i could think of was re-texturing the Sledge Bro, but we never got arround to doing that Rolling Eyes

Newer is still on they're way to completion; they have a 2d map engine and map editor that they plan on releasing after they release the game. That's one thing I would really like to have as well, as those toad houses look kinda stupid lol

I'm pretty sure I have changed the music to the flag pole, I probably never uploaded it though lol

What do you mean by "Princess Sprites for the last level" ?

The castle isn't a bad idea for credits, but we do have a way to edit the actual end-game credits if we wanted.
One thing we need before the level is to actually write out the credits beforehand Razz
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Stuff I would like in a final.
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