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 Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone?

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Zombie Toad Master
Zombie Toad Master

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Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone?   Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone? EmptyMon Aug 08, 2011 10:11 pm

So I was thinking of remaking Mario's Wacky Worlds The unreleased CD-I game
Most levels are incomplete or broken but are semi-playable. Lot's of room for creativity.

Here are some links, if I have peaked your curiosity.

English Site--Some good screenshots

French-Canadian site (I search Quebecgamers Mario wacky worlds, and use google translate)
It has large maps and videos of each level. (Best site of the two)

I really wish you could view the Background in Reggie, cause a guy could make the maps (cleaned up of course) and then just put invisible blocks where everything was already laid out,

Just my thoughts.
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Retro Specialist
Retro Specialist

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Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone?   Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone? EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 3:41 am

That is interesting, I've never heard of this before Shocked

Looks really, really incomplete though. And some of their key ideas, like koopas wearing different clothes on each level, would be impossible to implement. But it looks.. interesting.
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Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Anyone?
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